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Sheltered Workshop

The VINO HRUSKA Sheltered Workshop in Blatnicka affords an opportunity for people with disabilities to get a full-fledged job, an employment contract, and thereby an income.

We appreciate all the ideas our employees have as well as their diligence. And our employees with disabilities, who put forth the effort to hold a regular job, have all our respect and appreciation. Our Sheltered Workshop produces home-made greave pretzels, dry fruit, sweets and treats, and wine jelly.

By purchasing these products, you support people with disabilities and enjoy a healthy treat at the same time.

Try dried fruit from trees in our family orchards!

We take great care in the production of our apples, pears, and plums. All our fruit is grown in our family orchards. Only the best pieces are chosen, all picked by hand, and carefully dried.

Special packaging ensures a long-lasting aroma and freshness.

We directly employ people with disabilities and can therefore offer "compensatory performance".

The total volume is strictly limited by law and, based on Ministry of Finance calculations and general expectations, these limits will not cover the needs of all organizations.

By purchasing products from our Sheltered Workshop, you may meet legal requirements and avoid paying mandatory fees into the state budget.

To utilize compensatory performance, a simple reservation contract must be signed that includes a supplement to the total price excluding VAT.

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