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Franchising re-creates a successful business idea or business plan at several locations under a single umbrella brand. It represents a business strategy and a business method whereby a business entity offers its successful system of products or services to other legally and financially independent business partners for a fee. 

By signing a franchise contract, you'll obtain all the information and ideas you need to operate a gift shop, winery, and a wine bar.

All procedures and additional information are included in our operations guide, which is an interval part of our collaborative experience as well as of the franchise contract.

Franchising is based on close, continuous collaboration between partners on the basis of the franchise contract.

Our first franchise wineries opened in 2010. First in Trebic and Mlada Boleslav, subsequently in Liberec and Prague. Nowadays our wineries may also be found in Bratislava, Presov, and other Czech and Slovak towns.

Our first franchise partner meeting took place at our headquarters in Blatnicka in 2013. We shared precious experience in sales and obtained information on new technologies, trends, and products. Together, we went out to the lookout terrace over the vineyards. And throughout the meeting, VINO HRUSKA products and delicacies were available for tasting. 

The meeting was a way for us to send the spirit of our wine region and the magic of South Moravia to the VINO HRUSKA franchises across the country. We look forward to meeting in the future. 

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