combining wine with food

The combining of wine with food has become one the most important parts of gastronomy and counts among the most demanding tasks of sommeliers and chefs.


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golden rule

When selecting wine to go with particular food, there is a golden rule. The more delicate the food, the more delicate the wine, while food with a more distinct taste, robust and spicy should be accompanied by more extractive and aromatic wines.

Smells and tastes are perceived individually. A person can be sensitive to certain tastes (sweet, sour, salty and bitter), our taste buds are able to distinguish between thousands of tastes. Combinations of foods and wines are thus more or less individual.

Naturally, we all live in certain regions and countries. We have customs and traditions passed on from our ancestors, and our tastes are certainly influenced by flavours typical of the region.

Consequently, sommeliers, chefs and cellarmen have to constantly test, modernize and explore new trends, to seek new tastes and combinations and to be in touch with the world, not only to satisfy their customers and guests but also to open them a gateway to the extraordinary area of experience gastronomy.

Our sommelier recommends: “Exclusive combination on a fork, or gentleman’s dessert” Blue cheese (Roquefort) on a walnut with apricot jam combined with late harvest wine, botrytis selection, Santa Alicia  winery (92g of residual sugar).

Marian Jemelík, sommelier and gastronomy lecturer